[Orem, UT. June 2023] – Turner Imaging Systems, a leading provider of wireless and portable x-ray imaging technology, is proud to announce that its revolutionary SMART-C system was utilized at an estimated 40% of NFL games and 25% of XFL games across the United States last season. This significant milestone highlights the growing acceptance and recognition of SMART-C as a game-changing imaging solution to make more-informed return to play decisions for professional sports teams.

SMART-C is a state-of-the-art imaging system designed to provide accurate and real-time radiographic and fluoroscopic x-ray images of injuries sustained by athletes during games. Leveraging the latest in Li-Ion battery technology, the compact 16 lb. SMART-C can produce high quality motion imaging on the sidelines, enabling team physicians and trainers to make informed decisions regarding player health and safety.

Dr. Neil ElAttrache, head team physician for the L.A Rams and L.A Dodgers commented: “We’ve used this device for our teams for the past two years and it has replaced the formal fluoroscopy units and could eventually replace x-ray units in some of our athletic facilities. We would not want to live without it at this point.”

By leveraging SMART-C technology during football games, teams gain access to critical information at the point-of-care, empowering them to diagnose and treat injuries promptly and accurately. Additionally, the use of SMART-C® has also enabled team doctors to make more-informed return to play decisions for their athletes; positively impacting player recovery, while reducing the likelihood of further complications.

Looking ahead, Turner Imaging Systems™ aims to build on the success of SMART-C by expanding its reach to other professional sports leagues and collegiate athletic programs. With a continued commitment to research and development, the company is dedicated to advancing imaging technologies that revolutionize the way injuries are diagnosed and managed across various sports.

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