Small Footprint, 

Big Impact

Benefits of the SMART-C® across various applications

Surgical Imaging
Clinical Imaging
SMART-C for sports medicine
Sports Medicine

Experience the power
of portability


16 lbs. The lightest mini c-arm in the world


Completely Wireless And Cordless Operation

15×15 cm
Flat Panel Detector

Large digital detector for improved extremity imaging 

Motion Imaging

Identify hairline fractures and fine details

Designed for efficiency and modularity


SMART-C® with Support Stand

SMART-C® with Support Stand & Monitor Cart

Imagine how you can use
the SMART-C®

Play Video

SMART-C® in action


Image of Mini C-Arm X-Ray Revolutionizing Medical Imaging With Mini C-Arm X-Ray Technology (4/19/2023) - Medical imaging has revolutionized the field of medicine by enabling healthcare professionals to visualize the internal structures and organs of the human body without the need for invasive procedures. Since its humble beginnings, medical imaging technology has significantly advanced from traditional X-ray machines to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scans, and ultrasound.  In […]
Picture of Mobile X Ray Imaging Anywhere, Anytime Imaging: How Mobile X Ray Machines are Advancing Healthcare (4/18/2023) - Have you ever wondered how mobile X ray machines are transforming healthcare by providing patients with high-quality diagnostic images anytime and anywhere? Mobile X ray machines have practically revolutionized the healthcare industry, allowing healthcare providers to diagnose and treat patients with greater accessibility, efficiency, and accuracy.  These devices provide high-quality diagnostic images on the spot, […]
Image of Portable X-Ray C-Arm Breaking Free: The Advantages of Portable X-Ray C-Arms in Medical Imaging (4/18/2023) - Medical imaging is an essential tool in diagnosing and treating a wide range of medical conditions. However, traditional imaging equipment can be cumbersome, expensive, and lack the flexibility required in various medical settings, making it challenging for clinicians to provide fast and accurate diagnoses. In response to the need for advanced digital radiography that offers […]

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