Small Footprint, 

Big Impact

Benefits of the SMART-C® across various applications

Surgical Imaging
Clinical Imaging
SMART-C for sports medicine
Sports Medicine

Experience the power
of portability


16 lbs. The lightest mini c-arm in the world


Completely Wireless And Cordless Operation

15×15 cm
Flat Panel Detector

Large digital detector for improved extremity imaging 

Motion Imaging

Identify hairline fractures and fine details

Designed for efficiency and modularity


SMART-C® with Support Stand

SMART-C® with Support Stand & Monitor Cart

Imagine how you can use
the SMART-C®

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SMART-C® in action


Enhancing Emergency Care: The Role of SMART-C® in the Emergency Department (5/29/2024) - Introduction: In the fast-paced environment of an emergency department (ED), every second counts when it comes to diagnosing and treating patients. Medical professionals in the ED face unique challenges requiring quick, accurate assessments and rapid interventions. Mini C-arms and portable x-ray systems, traditionally utilized in surgical suites and radiology departments, are increasingly proving their worth […]
Paws, Hooves, and Fluoroscopy: Incorporating SMART-C® Mini C-Arm into Veterinary Medicine (5/13/2024) - Introduction In recent years, the field of veterinary medicine has witnessed significant advancements in diagnostic imaging technology. Among these innovations, SMART-C® has emerged as a valuable tool for veterinarians, offering new opportunities to enhance patient care and streamline procedures with a 16 lbs. wireless and completely cordless mini c-arm. In this article we’ll explore the […]
The Power of Portability: Streamlining Workflow and Improving Access to Fluoroscopy (2/9/2024) - For decades, Dr. John Herzenberg, FAAOS, former Director of Pediatric Orthopedics and former Director of the International Center for Limb Lengthening at the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore has actively participated in providing orthopedic care and training in developing nations, but lack of access to C-arm fluoroscopy limited his ability […]

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