Small Footprint, 

Big Impact

Benefits of the SMART-C® across various applications

Surgical Imaging
Clinical Imaging
SMART-C for sports medicine
Sports Medicine

Experience the power
of portability


16 lbs. The lightest mini c-arm in the world


Completely Wireless And Cordless Operation

15×15 cm
Flat Panel Detector

Large digital detector for improved extremity imaging 

Motion Imaging

Identify hairline fractures and fine details

Designed for efficiency and modularity


SMART-C® with Support Stand

SMART-C® with Support Stand & Monitor Cart

Imagine how you can use
the SMART-C®

Play Video

SMART-C® in action


How SMART-C® Is Revolutionizing Podiatry (8/16/2023) - How SMART-C® Is Revolutionizing Podiatry In podiatry, precise visualization of bones, joints, and soft tissues is crucial for accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. Traditional X-ray systems provided limited flexibility and mobility, making it challenging to capture images of intricate foot and ankle structures. The compact lightweight SMART-C® mini C-arm provides unparalleled portability, easy positioning, and […]
Harnessing Tax Relief with Section 179: Upgrade Your Medical Facility with a SMART-C® Mini C-Arm (7/23/2023) - Acquiring new medical equipment is a significant investment for anyone. Fortunately, Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Service Tax Code offers an excellent opportunity to receive substantial tax relief to upgrade your imaging equipment. In this article, we’ll explore how Section 179 tax deduction is utilized when purchasing a SMART-C® Mini C-Arm to revolutionize your […]
Using SMART-C® to assess growth plates of athletes in the development league (7/14/2023) - Although having a SMART-C® in your trainer’s room or dugout has helped professional & collegiate teams make more informed return to play decisions at the point-of-care, another use-case has emerged that greatly expands the utility of your SMART-C®: from an x-ray system used solely during injury diagnosis, to a device used during player recruitment, with […]

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