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What is the SMART-C®?

A hyper-portable fluoroscopic X-ray imaging system classified as a mini C-arm.

What is the intended use of the SMART-C®?

The SMART-C® is a portable mini C-arm (X-ray) system that provides clinicians with real-time fluoroscopic visualization of extremities. It aids physicians and surgeons during diagnostic procedures, therapeutic treatment, or surgical procedures of the limbs, extremities, or shoulders.  It is utilized in clinics, in the operating room, and on the field.

What differentiates the SMART-C®?

The SMART-C® is a portable mini C-arm that provides pulsed x-ray fluoroscopic imaging at the point-of-care.  It takes the features and performance of mini C-arms weighing over 400lbs and condenses them into a 16lb C-arm, Tablet, and Footswitch.  The cord-free battery-powered SMART-C®® is nimble and non-obtrusive in surgery; it also can be carried to the patient for rapid diagnosis in sports, military, disaster, or humanitarian environments.

What are user benefits of the system?

Depending on the application, various benefits can be realized in using the SMART-C® over conventional mini c-arm systems: In the clinic, the physician can meet, image, and treat the patient without leaving the room; procedures previously performed in the OR are now viable in the clinic. In surgical centers and hospitals, the SMART-C®® is used directly in exam rooms, ED, and the OR.  This flexibility reduces the need for redundant equipment while providing faster more cost-effective care. Turner Imaging Systems also serves many professional and collegiate sports teams Access to high quality fluoroscopic x-ray allows team physicians and trainers the ability to diagnose injuries at the point of care in order to make faster return-to-play decisions. Please visit our specific medical application pages for more information.

Where can I use the SMART-C®?

Most of our customers work in clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals.  Professional and collegiate sports teams are able to bring the C-arm on the road with them allowing diagnoses of extremity injuries faster than ever before.

What other mini C-arms run off battery power?

None, the SMART-C® is the first and only battery-powered C-arm in the world.

How long do the SMART-C® batteries last?

Each battery lasts approximately 8 hours based on a typical use scenario.  To conserve power and extend battery charge the C-arm and Tablet can be configured to sleep after a preset time. Each system comes with two batteries.

Can I be reimbursed for the use of the SMART-C®?

Yes, Radiology services that are performed on the order of a physician licensed to practice in the state or by a nonphysician practitioner acting within the scope of state law can be reimbursed.   X-ray services may be a covered benefit if such usage meets all requirements established by the particular payer.  Coverage by private payers varies by payer and by plan.

What accessories are available for the SMART-C®?

The SMART-C® does not require any additional accessories for use but are available.  The Support Stand can be used to aid in hands free C-arm positioning.  The Monitor Cart provides a large touchscreen monitor, integrated battery charger, and printer for uninterrupted cord free operation during the day.

Does the SMART-C® support RIS and PACS integration?

Yes, DICOM 3.0 communications can pull worklist patient information from RIS then store the images with corresponding patient data in PACS for improved workflow.

Where is the SMART-C® designed and manufactured?

Designed and manufactured in Utah, USA.

Smart-C Operator Manuals

For the SMART-C, Support Stand, and Monitor Cart contact customer service for information regarding our operator manuals

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