Although having a SMART-C® in your trainer’s room or dugout has helped professional & collegiate teams make more informed return to play decisions at the point-of-care, another use-case has emerged that greatly expands the utility of your SMART-C®: from an x-ray system used solely during injury diagnosis, to a device used during player recruitment, with the ability to transport and use the SMART-C® in your development league overseas.

Using SMART-C® to view the development of growth plates

X-Ray images can be used to determine the biological age of a person by looking at the growth plates in their bones. Growth plates, also known as epiphyseal plates, are areas of developing tissue located at the ends of bones in children and teenagers. These plates are responsible for allowing bones to grow in length and are made up of hyaline cartilage, which is gradually replaced by bone as a person ages. 

The width and shape of growth plates in x-ray images can provide an estimate of a person’s biological age, as these areas change over time as a person grows and develops. By measuring the width of the growth plates, medical professionals can determine the amount of growth that has taken place and, therefore, estimate the person’s age. Additionally, the shape of the growth plates can provide additional information, such as whether a person is still growing or if they have reached their full height.

One of the primary benefits of using x-ray images to determine biological age is that it provides a non-invasive method of evaluating a person’s health and development. Unlike other methods that require blood tests or other invasive procedures, x-ray images can be obtained quickly and with minimal discomfort to the patient. Additionally, x-ray images can be compared to previous images taken at different times, allowing medical professionals to track a person’s growth and development over time.

By examining the growth plates in a person’s bones, medical professionals can get a clear picture of their true age, regardless of any discrepancies with their chronological age. This information can be used to monitor a person’s growth and development and make informed decisions about their care.

Why SMART-C® is the ideal x-ray system for the development league?

  • SMART-C® is a 16 lb. mini c-arm that can be checked-in as luggage by training staff: SMART-C® and all accessories available in a pelican case with a total weight is under 50 lbs. SMART-C® is a Swiss army knife that can be used during the season to aid in injury diagnosis, and in the offseason, during player recruitment
  • 100% battery operated: Enabling medical staff to take x-rays in any location, regardless of their access to stable AC-line power.
  • State of the art detector & software: SMART-C® contains a highly sensitive detector and advanced image processing algorithms that enables medical professionals to view and assess growth plate development with high quality x-ray images, in order to determine an athlete’s biological age.
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