In recent years, the field of veterinary medicine has witnessed significant advancements in diagnostic imaging technology. Among these innovations, SMART-C® has emerged as a valuable tool for veterinarians, offering new opportunities to enhance patient care and streamline procedures with a 16 lbs. wireless and completely cordless mini c-arm. In this article we’ll explore the potential use-cases for SMART-C® within veterinary medicine.

Use Cases

  • Precision Diagnostics: SMART-C® provides high-resolution imaging in real-time, enabling veterinarians to obtain detailed views of skeletal structures, joints, and soft tissues in small animals. SMART-C® contains an advanced X-ray detector using CMOS technology, with a 99 µm pixel size. The small pixel size allows for visualization of hairline fractures and fine detail abnormalities, and other musculoskeletal conditions.


  • Minimally Invasive Procedures: As the most compact mini c-arm on the market, SMART-C® enables minimally invasive procedures such as closed fracture reductions, joint surgeries, and orthopedic interventions in veterinary patients without a dedicated procedure room. SMART-C® can be positioned tabletop or with a support stand. Additionally, SMART-C® has a 1.5” imaging detector, making it the the thinnest on the market. This enables the veterinarian to conveniently slide the detector under the patient for diagnosis and to perform procedures directly on top of the detector, eliminating the need to move the imaging system in and out of the surgical area.


  • Efficient Workflow: Integrating SMART-C® into a veterinary practice streamlines workflow and improves efficiency. With on-site imaging capabilities, veterinarians can quickly assess injuries or conditions, make informed treatment decisions, and provide timely care to their patients without the need for external imaging facilities.


  • Enhanced Client Communication: SMART-C® offers a wireless tablet that enhances client communication and understanding of their pet’s condition. Veterinarians can use these images to educate pet owners about treatment options, prognosis, and post-operative care, fostering trust and collaboration in the decision-making process.


  • Specialty Care: In veterinary specialty fields like equine or exotic animal medicine, the portability of SMART-C® enables veterinarians to perform advanced imaging and procedures outside of a traditional clinic setting such as a stable, or a patient’s home,  reducing the need of referrals to specialized facilities.


  • Teaching and Training: SMART-C® is a valuable educational tool for veterinary students and interns, allowing them to observe and participate in live procedures, enhancing their learning experience.

Incorporating mini C-arms into veterinary medicine presents exciting opportunities to advance diagnostic capabilities, enhance patient care, and improve practice efficiency. With proper training, expertise, and investment, veterinary practices can leverage SMART-C® to provide optimal care for their animal patients and strengthen client relationships.

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