In the fast-paced environment of an emergency department (ED), every second counts when it comes to diagnosing and treating patients. Medical professionals in the ED face unique challenges requiring quick, accurate assessments and rapid interventions. Mini C-arms and portable x-ray systems, traditionally utilized in surgical suites and radiology departments, are increasingly proving their worth in the emergency setting.

The advent of SMART-C®, a 16 lbs. wireless and battery-operated mini c-arm which blends the benefits of fluoroscopy found within a mini c-arm, with the portability of mobile X-ray, has further revolutionized emergency care and improved patient outcomes.

Streamlined Fracture Diagnosis:

One of the most common presentations in the ED is musculoskeletal injuries, including fractures. SMART-C® provides real-time imaging capabilities, allowing physicians to swiftly diagnose fractures directly at the point of care. This eliminates the need to transport patients to radiology departments, saving precious time and expediting treatment decisions. With high-resolution images readily available, medical teams can promptly initiate appropriate interventions, such as splinting or casting, reducing patient discomfort and facilitating faster recovery.

Guiding Reductions and Procedures:

In cases of fractures or joint dislocations, mini C-arms play a crucial role in guiding reduction procedures. By providing live fluoroscopic imaging, physicians can ensure precise alignment of bones or joints, reducing the risk of complications and improving patient outcomes.

Minimally Invasive Interventions:

SMART-C® facilitates minimally invasive procedures in the ED, such as closed reductions and foreign body removal. The compact size and portability of the system makes it ideal for use in tight spaces, allowing physicians to perform interventions with greater precision and efficiency.

Enhancing Workflow and Patient Throughput:

By enabling rapid diagnosis and treatment at the point of care, SMART-C® can help streamline workflow in the ED. Physicians can quickly assess patients, make informed decisions, and perform necessary procedures, all at the point-of-care, potentially leading to faster patient throughput and reduced waiting times.

Improving Patient Satisfaction and Safety:

The use of SMART-C® in the ED enhances patient satisfaction by minimizing wait times and reducing the need for additional imaging studies or transfers to other departments. Physicians, patients, and patient guardians appreciate the efficiency and interactive nature of the evaluation. Additionally, by providing real-time guidance during procedures, SMART-C® help ensure patient safety and optimize clinical outcomes.


The integration of SMART-C® into emergency department workflows represents a significant advancement in emergency care. By providing immediate access to high-quality imaging, facilitating precise procedural guidance, and enhancing diagnostic capabilities, SMART-C® empowers medical teams to deliver timely and effective interventions.

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