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The Many Uses of the SMART-C

The flexibility to perform in surgery, clinics or the field. The SMART-C®has it all. The SMART-C®is an extremely light, full-capability mini C-arm. 

As a battery-operated system, you can bring the SMART-C®directly to patients to perform full fluoroscopic and radiological imaging on-location. This is true point-of-care technology.


  • Lightweight, cordless, battery-powered system for true portability
  • Sophisticated imaging algorithm for improved visualization
  • Wireless, high-definition fluoroscopic imaging for radiological use
  • Independent articulating arm for optimal positioning
  • Ability to conserve space with a compact footprint
  • Independent monitor cart that allows for clear field-of-view positioning
  • Ability to detach from articulating arm for independent, tabletop use

Sports Medicine

The SMART-C®enables the trained provider to add X-ray/fluoroscopic imaging in diagnosing fractures and assessing instabilities that can make the difference in “Return to Play” decisions.

Hand & Wrists

The SMART-C®brings a new standard of X-ray & fluoroscopic evaluation to the hand surgeons practice environment.

Foot & Ankle

The SMART-C®has unique applications in the evaluation and management of foot conditions.  

Clinics & Diagnostic Imaging Centers

In today’s busy Clinics and Imaging Centers triaging patients and delivering true point of care assessment is key. Bring radiology directly to the patient.

Experience the Power & Portability of the SMART-C

The SMART-C®is a truly portable and fully capable fluoroscopic and radiological imaging device.


What does it take to develop a revolutionary medical device such as the SMART-C?

Sports Medicine

Kirt Kimball, Team Physician at Brigham Young University demonstrates the SMART-C.

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